Managing assetsΒΆ

Note: Support for workflows is experimental and subject to change

Assets are files that are served at appropriate times via the DHCP, TFTP and HTTP mechanisms during PXE or ONIE.

There are 3 types of assets:

  1. text files stored in the DB (size limited to 4MB)
  2. binary files stored in the DB (size limited to 64MB)
  3. external files referenced as an URL.

If enabled, text files stored in the db can act as a template. When they need to be served t the user via HTTP or TFTP a search_and_replace will be executed for strings matching the provided list of params with the format {{<VARIABLE_NODE>}} with the content stored in the variable or secret referenced by name in the os_asset_variables array and os_asset_secrets.

See Managing Variables and Secrets for more details.