Connecting to the API#

The MetalSoft uses an RPC-style API accessed over HTTP.

For a quick getting started with it use the Postman collections:

The API endpoint:#

The API endpoint is found at:

  • Admin level operations: https://<environment_hostname>/api/developer/developer

  • User level operations: https://<environment_hostname>/api/

Retrieving my API key and connecting to the endpoint#

Login then click on API credentials on the upper right corner.

Then click on the API key input to display your API key.

The API key can be regenerated if it is compromised by clicking the “Generate a new key” button.

API Reference#

Accessing the same API endpoints from a browser will open the API documentation:

Here is one from our demo environments:

Typically, the portal will create infrastructures and configure servers, storage and network configurations. The following is a postman collection with sample infrastructure related operations:

Authenticating to the API#

API users can use the following methods to authenticate HTTP requests:

  1. Authorization: Bearer <API_Key> header.

  2. Basic authentication, with the username and password of a user.

  3. ?verify=<user_id:signature> http query param where the signature value is calculated as a HEX digest of the MD5 sum of the body with the API key as the key. This is the most secure method as it prevents reply attacks but it is more complicated to operate. Consult the following examples and the API documentation

  4. Oauth2 flow with the API key.