Networking overview

The MetalSoft’s embedded bare metal SDN enables high performance L2 tenant segregation without using virtualization.


Users operate with Networks. They are a logical concept that maps to different provisioning strategies depending on the Network type and the infrastructure’s datacenter’s Provisioner backend:

  1. LAN networks

    Creating a LAN network will create an isolated L2 broadcast domain. In practice this translates into a VLAN, VXLAN or MPLS tunnel, that reaches all interfaces added in the network that is dedicated to the respective user.

  2. WAN networks

    A WAN network is a special type of LAN network that has a gateway L3 interface (SVI) added in the L2 broadcast domain. IPs from the subnets will be automatically configured on the interfaces connected to this network via DHCP.

  3. SAN networks

    A SAN network is an L3 network dedicated to SAN traffic. It is only present if instance array has a drive array associated.