Release notes

R4.8 - 03 March 2021

System check

A new section has been added to help admins troubleshoot environment issues or misconfigurations. It runs a series of tests (primarily network related) across all datacenters that will determine if there are issues in the respective environment that could prevent deploys or other errors as well as point the admin in the right direction.

Secondary IPs support

It is now possible to enable secondary IPs on interfaces, allocated from a special Subnet Pool marked for manual allocation. This is useful in setups where the default IPs allocated to servers are private (non-routable IPs) and only some of the servers of an infrastructure need to receive public IPs.

VLAN override support

It is now possible to override the VLAN (or EPG in CISCO ACI deployments) ID so that instead of using the one allocated from the default VLAN pool, the end-user can select another one. This allows the user to connect to existing VLANs such as for shared infrastructures. There is also support for VLANs on the secondary IPs.

Cisco ACI support - beta

In this release we are introducing CISCO Application Centric Interface (ACI) support. CISCO ACI is a SDN, much like our own Bare Metal SDN. Cisco ACI is the solution that emerged from Cisco, following its acquisition of Insieme, which is a company they funded for more than two years. ACI is seen by many as Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) offering for data center and cloud networks.

Job Queue section

We have revamped our troubleshooting interface (also known as the AFC graph) with a new and improved section called the Job Queue. It allows the user to browse the jobs that our system performs as part of infrastructure deploys, server registration, workflow execution etc.

Deploy graph section

Our system now features a new deploy graph section that allows users to view the status of the deploy with the ability to view and edit job details in-situ, without having to navigate outside the graph.

Improvements to the Infrastructures section

The infrastructure section now features progress bars that show the status of deploys. This helps admins keep an eye on all deploys.

Improvements to the used register mechanisms

We have added several improvements to the re-registration process. This is useful in cases where the hardware or network configuration of a server has changed after the server has been deployed.

Improvements to Auto-RAID support

Our system now supports more heterogenous configurations with multiple sets of disks.

Adding a new method of registering a server

We have added a more convenient way of registering servers via our interface. Our previous method of registering servers was designed for more for automatic enrollment and was more cumbersome for adding just a few servers.

Fixed some cleanup and registration issues with Supermicro servers

Supermicro users that don’t have the DCIM license had experienced failed registration or provisioning due to boot order setup. This fix addressed most of those situations.

Improvements to the servers page

The design includes improvements to the power button behavior and a few others that improve the section’s usability especially for chassis based servers.


Issue key	Summary
BSI-12923	Update the UI to allow the creation of datacenters with SDNProvisioner
BSI-12869	Remove all logos from
BSI-12810	Add support for multiple secondary IPs in the infrastructure editor
BSI-12793	Implement global system check page
BSI-12791	Implement support for additional VLANs on the same network
BSI-12782	Small improvements to the Job Queue section
BSI-12779	Implement AsyncApi for Events Microservice
BSI-12730	Re-enable the dashboard
BSI-12726	Add LDAP authentication support in auth microservice
BSI-12718	Implement Swagger for Events Microservices
BSI-12695	Implement datacenter system check section
BSI-12692	Improvements to the infrastructure page
BSI-12671	Add support for multiple IPs on the same interface
BSI-12640	Move fields to advanced section
BSI-12635	Small improvements to asset content editor
BSI-12621	Add property serverRAIDConfigurationEnabled to datacenter configuration
BSI-12620	Implement datacenter system checks - part 1
BSI-12585	Display server serial number in credentials form
BSI-12556	implement the task details page
BSI-12472	Add support for Cisco ACI - provisioner
BSI-12466	Add API support for selective iscsi image download and update
BSI-12433	Add controller version number in Admin
BSI-12417	Add proxy properties in the Datacenter create form and the Datacenter Config page
BSI-12154	Implement MLag support
BSI-12945	Add deploy blocker to prevent a user to provision a local drives boot instance with no interface attached at the WAN network
BSI-12933	Change the position of the Add server button on the Servers page
BSI-12900	Add a user confirmation modal to prevent running accidentally the system checks 
BSI-12877	When reregistering a used server don't wait for new credentials or regenerate existing ones
BSI-12857	SNMP for Windows local disk install
BSI-12836	Increase the number of max retries for the server_reregister_boot AFC
BSI-12828	Change server reregister to check if the server booted
BSI-12813	Small improvements to the  global system check section
BSI-12812	Small improvements to the datacenter status check page
BSI-12801	Enable the DHCP to serve only primary IPs
BSI-12796	Update Cumulus support in development application to the new topology
BSI-12714	Replace the null serial number with e.g  unknown in the Update IPMI credentials form
BSI-12704	“Add switch”form: Missing the Hide/Unhide password icon on the “Management password” field
BSI-12685	Create configuration tabs for certain Stage Definition types
BSI-12656	Prevent the admin users to have access to the private API docs in the PoC envs
BSI-12623	Refactor old form code
BSI-12609	Implement Ubuntu 18.04 local install template one-liner
BSI-12596	Make Centos8 Local install template non minor version specific
BSI-12555	Add support in auto-RAID for multiple disk sizes
BSI-12532	Add support for registering a server by providing IPMI Hostname, username and password
BSI-12531	Add "Add Server" button
BSI-12509	Add chassis id link to server page
BSI-12506	Add field for subnet_pool_forced_only field in the subnet pool creation form
BSI-12444	Add a dark theme version for the Global Search results section 
BSI-12429	Set dark theme as default
BSI-12413	Add uefi mode configure and uefi shell disable during registration for supermicro servers
BSI-12379	Add editor support in assets content tab
BSI-12293	Custom OS template >> deleting the OS template from UI should delete also the OS assets linked to it
BSI-11819	Improvements to navigation system
BSI-11601	apidev >> add a property similar with bsidev._arrFunctions, that should return all the available/callable functions
BSI-11440	Create Stage Definition form >> Copy >> add better front-end validations for URL fields to prevent the too technical API schema validations reach the customer
BSI-11253	Add support for the latest CentOS for iSCSI
BSI-10936	Improve the servers page power control area
BSI-10574	Ansible Bundle Editor >> rename "Update bundle" to ''Save project'' and add new button ''Execute project'' button and print the output
BSI-10447	Hide Browser SSH Client option on POC environment until it's fixed 
BSI-10261	Infrastructure Editor >> Create an instance form >> spin icon freezes while opening the form, improve/fix the loading animation to show ongoing processes
BSI-10259	Infrastructure Editor >> Create an instance >> the Drive size value should be left aligned for consistency reasons
BSI-12974	API search function failure: Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists
BSI-12966	Events:  Remove the “Advanced“ tab from “Managed event” page
BSI-12951	Sometimes the AFC graph is crashing with the following error: "Cannot read property 'afc_id_blocked' of undefined"
BSI-12944	firewall Ubuntu 20.04
BSI-12936	The Datacenter should be represented as a drop-down in the Add server form
BSI-12932	Blank page when trying to open an AFC details form, JS error: Cannot read property 'afc_id' of undefined
BSI-12920	The “Username” and “Password” fields are incorrectly specified as “Optional” in the Add SSH Exec stage definition form
BSI-12902	The Run diagnostics button should exclude the in maintenance and the private(different owner) datacenters
BSI-12899	The Add datacenter form is crashing with a blank page: TypeError: undefined is not an object
BSI-12886	Executing an HTTP Request stage definition with type: GET created via UI fails with: “JSONRPC\Exception: Request with GET/HEAD method cannot have body…” 
BSI-12885	Different dropdowns design in the Add subnet pool form 
BSI-12883	Fix the API call performed when the user searches by a specific keyword(now the UI adds extra keywords infrastructure_service_status:deleted -infrastructure_service_status:ordered")
BSI-12880	The Graph links are not working on the Job Queue page
BSI-12870	Reveal password icon overlaps tooltip icon
BSI-12854	The “Title” and “Description” fields are incorrectly highlighted as mandatory in the Add HTTP stage definition form
BSI-12838	The server re-register operation is failing for a Supermicro server with: The port number 443 is in use.
BSI-12816	Access link not displayed in the instance-array edit window
BSI-12815	Fix ip_is_primary flag handling when moving a forced subnetpool from primary to secondary and vice-versa
BSI-12809	Make the Type field(e.g AnsibleBundle) clickable on the Stage definitions page
BSI-12802	Server firmware page: The "Firmware component update" form is not displayed when the server is in the "Updating firmware" state
BSI-12792	The "Update IPMI credentials" form crashes with a blank page and the following error in the Js console:  "Cannot read property 'width' of undefined"
BSI-12788	Server firmware page: The upgrade firmware process failed for server #685 with the following error: Unable to complete the firmware update operation because the specified firmware image is not compatible with the target system model
BSI-12786	Server firmware page: The “Check for available upgrades” operation is failing with the following error: ”Cannot find the firmware catalog”
BSI-12781	The server_firmware_info_update API function should throw an error instead of null if the server doesn't support a firmware update operation
BSI-12780	The configuration tab in Datacenter is crashing
BSI-12777	The datacenter create form goes blank with the following Js error: "Schema class must be provided."
BSI-12773	The Text content editor is not functional when selecting the "Text content (4MB max)" checkbox in the OS Asset content tab
BSI-12768	Unexpected error in the Task log page: "Parameter at index 1 ["strKeywords"], must be a String, array given."
BSI-12743	Unexpected error when selecting "hybrid" option from the "OS Template architecture" drop-down in tbe Bootloader section: API_Exception: Unknown boot type given : hybrid...
BSI-12732	"Update IPMI credentials": The user can set an “IPMI Password” greater than 10 char length although the error message from API says something else
BSI-12728	Fix the contrast color issue when hovering over a drop-down
BSI-12723	Changing the server type using the new UI is not working, the server_edit API call is not made with the server type selected by the user
BSI-12721	The change server type operation fails for a HP/Dell server with: "Cannot write password or encrypted field to MySQL database coming from JSONRPC Developer Endpoint APIs obsfucated values"
BSI-12720	Fix the error message(Please select a ZIP archive.) displayed when creating an AnsibleBundle stage definition using a zip file
BSI-12719	ipmitool lan set 2 access on fails on DL320 Gen8 in afc server_registering_ipmi_setup
BSI-12717	“Add chassis”form: The error message (Code 0) is displayed out of the form box when using the Chrome browser
BSI-12702	A Typo/Misspelling error is present on “Add switch” form for the "chassis rack _id” field name
BSI-12679	The BDK doesn't boot during the provisioning/cleaning process for Supermicro servers
BSI-12673	Cloud-init ssh password set but not working
BSI-12657	Unable to submit the SSHExec create form with a custom value for the Timeout field due to an unexpected error: Invalid type: string
BSI-12654	Unexpected error when calling the search API function for the _templates/_os_templates tables >> Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: E   volume_template_version
BSI-12650	Hard-coded user ID in the Task log page: "API_Exception: User with ID 8370 not found. (Code: 42)"
BSI-12642	Variables & Secrets - secret usage dissapears after adding content
BSI-12633	On lightedge env switch interface initialization fails
BSI-12630	VMware app deployment failure >> Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=27462
BSI-12619	Table fields are miss-aligned in user & permissions section
BSI-12617	Fix or remove the "Contact us" link in the InstanceArray create form on the PoC envs. Currently points to
BSI-12616	On lightedge environment raid volumes creation fails.
BSI-12607	The "SSHExec stage definition create" form crashes with blank page and the following Js error: R.parseInt is not a function
BSI-12606	assert error in deploy graph on Dell Env
BSI-12592	Hide the Assets tab
BSI-12588	Update the Datacenter create/edit UI for the "extraInternalIPsPerSubnet","serverRAIDConfigurationEnabled" properties
BSI-12586	Missing the waitForSSHInstances from the deploy tree when editing the InstanceArray Interface attached at the WAN network
BSI-12582	Firmware upgrade - big upgrade files take a long time to download
BSI-12572	Unescaped characters in BMC information
BSI-12571	The Infrastructures drop-down is not reflecting the last datacenter name that the user edited & saved via the Infrastructure Properties
BSI-12570	Activate SNMP for ESXi
BSI-12568	Add a proper label to the button that adds a tag on a product
BSI-12567	The "Server type create" form crashes with "API_Exception: [Internal error: ErrorException] Undefined index: server_disk_type" when is submitted with Disk count:0
BSI-12565	The text spills out the Datacenter Get Configuration URL dialog box 
BSI-12563	Fix the datacenter is maintenance dropdown to show a drop-down in the Datacenter details page 
BSI-12558	Fix the mechanism that detects and sets the "server_type_boot_type" property when a server type is automatically created
BSI-12552	Add support for disabling the RAID configuration on a specific DC
BSI-12551	The "Infrastructure Allocation" dropdown should be visible only for WAN type subnets
BSI-12550	Missing API property name(subnet_pool_forced_only) for the Infrastructure Allocation field
BSI-12547	Searching in the Switch interfaces page, should filter the results by switch device ID
BSI-12533	Light-edge debug environment
BSI-12528	Change boot order for Dell doesn't work at provisioning time for local install
BSI-12517	Unable to re-register HP ProLiant DL320e Gen 10 servers on the Integration env: Exception: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
BSI-12505	Server type apearing in price list even though it is deleted
BSI-12448	API failure when calling os_template_make_private: "Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'bsi_bsiintegration_bigstepcloud_com.os_templates' doesn't exist "
BSI-12341	InstanceArray widget >>  trying to create a new DriveArray fails with "null is not an object (evaluating 'volumeTemplate.volume_template_operating_system.operating_system_type')"
BSI-12290	OS Asset page >> the Back button should redirect the user to the last page visited
BSI-12169	Troubleshoot Dell VLAN provisioner issues 
BSI-12153	Events page >> searching by a keyword part of the event_message API property is not returning any results
BSI-12062	ESXi ats volumes LIO issues
BSI-12034	OS Asset Content UI >> the content should be rendered on the entire available space
BSI-12030	Custom filter query box > the filter by 'license_price' is not working
BSI-12026	Custom filter query box > filter by 'license_start_timestamp', 'license_end_timestamp' and 'license_activation_timestamp' don't work
BSI-11796	Performing consecutive filtering ops is not working if the UI filters are not changed (general UI issue)
BSI-11656	infrastructure_deploy_custom_stage_add_as_new_runlevel API >> unexpected error " Argument 3 passed to infrastructure_deploy_custom_stage_add_into_runlevel() must be of the type integer, string given"
BSI-11651	The parent's cookies are exposed when the delegate executes a stage definition owned by the parent 
BSI-11649	stage_definition_exec_on_infrastructure/ stage_definition_exec_on_instance API failure >> Unhandled param name strStageDefinitionID in label resolving. 
BSI-11332	Firmware upgrade interval form -> the Disabled option is not saved when closing the form
BSI-11052	Assets > Create new asset > the error "You must pass either os_asset_contents_base64 or os_asset_source_url. (Code: 226)" should be user friendly
BSI-10771	Unexpected error when calling os_template_update() API with volume_template_deprecation_status:  Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column 'volume_template_deprecation_status' at row 1
BSI-10275	Infrastructure Editor >> InstanceArray create form >> the Port range box value is partially visible when adding a new network
BSI-10270	Infrastructure Editor >> InstanceArray create form >> all the field labels should be translated to Romana when the current display language is RO
BSI-10269	Infrastructure Editor >> fix romanian translation for InstanceArray create form title
BSI-7837	Storage Volume usable space reporting in the UI is wrong 

R4.7 - 17 December 2020

This is a minor release that was focused on adding new switch drivers, especially M-LAG support for Cumulus and improving the admin UI.

Here are the highlights:


  • M-Lag support for Cumulus 4.x
  • Support for Cumulus 4.x switches
  • Switch provisioning performance improvements
  • Support for having multiple subnets at the same WAN L2 broadcast domain


  • The Kubernetes cluster app is now visible to all users - beta
  • The VMWare application now available to admin users only - beta

Admin updates

  • Improved server section which now includes better monitoring graphs, better network connections page with better organized information
  • Redesigned admin upper-right menu (the infrastructure editor link is now in this menu).
  • Removed the top 3 elements of the sidebar to reduce clutter, combined dashboard and mapview and datacenter view into the same page.
  • The dark mode of the Admin UI has been greatly improved and it is now the default
  • The datacenter’s Topology view now loads much faster and looks better

CLI updates

  • The CLI now supports an apply command similar to Kubernetes.
  • The CLI now has improved support for template handling


  • Support for collecting the IPMI’s credentials using the Admin UI for servers that need to preserve their username and password during registration
  • Support for tenant access to IPMI


  • Provided kickstart based, editable local install templates for CentOS 8, Ubuntu 20.04, ESXI, Windows 2019. All these templates are available on MetalSoft’s Github repository
  • Proxy support in OS template installation
  • Support for generating and using default passwords for OS templates
  • Added support for creating user accounts from the admin UI
  • Added better support for L2-only environments

We have also transferred the CLI, the GO SDK and other repositories from the Bigstep Github account to the MetalSoft-io github account.


Issue key	Summary
BSI-9550	AFC -> the title of the column "exceptie JSON" should have the 1st letter capitalized when translated language is selected
BSI-10549	Subnet pools UI >> Missing Create subnet pool button
BSI-10586	Server details UI >> double-clicking the IPMI internal username should select only the value
BSI-10627	Workflow tasks >> enhance the interface to allow users to edit ansible_bundle_type/title and description properties
BSI-10650	Upload ansible bundle form >> after a successful submission notify the user and refresh the list
BSI-10700	Product tags bug fixing
BSI-10765	Implement new monitoring tab on the servers page in the Admin UI
BSI-10776	Workflow editor UI >> the UI should be consistent when using stage or task (replace task with stage)
BSI-10859	Monitoring page -> Aggregate data on some charts
BSI-10863	Monitoring page -> Compound data on some charts
BSI-10922	Add human readable titles to the charts in the server monitoring tab
BSI-10946	Monitoring tab: Align the centers of the quick intervals
BSI-10961	Implement basic, non-distributed aggregation - stage 1
BSI-10994	OS Asset create UI -> unable to create an os asset due to unexpected error message  'Failed base 64 decode on os_asset_contents_base64'
BSI-11001	Asset content page -> an error is displayed "Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: t.text is not a function. (In 't.text()', 't.text' is undefined)" when trying to upload a text file using OSX & Safari
BSI-11047	Remove in-place editing for label property in stage definition editor
BSI-11050	Improve stage definition section
BSI-11084	Update documentation links
BSI-11111	Variables specific -> Content section is missing texts 'Variable content (max 128 KB)' and 'Warning: Never store passwords, use secrets instead.'
BSI-11112	Variables specific -> Content box should be bigger
BSI-11113	Variables specific -> 'Owner id' and 'Owner' should display the information with blue color as a link
BSI-11114	Variable update content UI >> unexpected error "Cannot run json_decode() on empty string."
BSI-11118	Variables -> the Variable update form should not exist
BSI-11122	OS templates -> the 'Upload asset' form is different than the mock-up form
BSI-11125	OS templates -> the drop-downs from 'Boot process' tab are too large
BSI-11126	OS templates -> the option from 'OS bootloader asset' can't be changed
BSI-11127	OS templates -> the 'OS Template architecture' option should be named 'Boot methods supported'
BSI-11130	OS templates -> the Edit option should open the specific OS template
BSI-11138	Multi-server enclosures -> the 'Create chassis rack' button is named 'Create secret' in Create chassis rack form
BSI-11154	Fix the translated version of InstanceArray create form
BSI-11155	Create stage definition -> the drop-down should contain the options displayed in the mock-up
BSI-11156	Create stage definition (HTTP Request) -> 'HTTP Request' form is different than the mock-up 
BSI-11157	Create stage definition (Copy File) -> 'Create Copy File stage definition' form is different than the mock-up
BSI-11158	Add support for putting a datacenter in maintenance mode
BSI-11193	HTML console ->the HTML console link is not displayed in the InstanceArray form for Windows instances
BSI-11202	Add support for public workflows and stage definitions in the Admin
BSI-11219	Implement datacenter configuration page
BSI-11220	Implement the datacenter agents page
BSI-11263	Add datacenter agents -> unexpected error if the logged-in is not authorized [Internal error: PHorse\Utils\JSONException] Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly'
BSI-11271	Make templates section show volume templates too
BSI-11286	Create stage definition(SSHExec) -> the title of the form should be 'Create SSH Exec stage definition'
BSI-11287	Create stage definition (SSH Exec) -> 'SSH Exec' form is different than the mock-up
BSI-11289	Create stage definition (Ansible Bundle) -> 'Ansible Bundle' form is different than the mock-up
BSI-11290	Create stage definition (Workflow Reference) -> 'Workflow Reference' form is different than the mock-up
BSI-11297	Stage definitions -> an error is displayed 'API_Exception: [PHorse\Validators\URL\Exception] Missing scheme separator ':'. (Code: 165)' when trying to edit the description
BSI-11324	Workflows > the underline should be removed from Usage drop-down options in Create workflow form
BSI-11325	Workflows -> the Owner field shows 'N/A' when the workflows are public and created by other user
BSI-11341	Workflows/ Stage definitions -> the pop-up message should be changed to 'Are you sure you want to mark workflow <workflow-title> (workflow-label) as deprecated? This operation cannot be reversed!" [Continue] cancel '
BSI-11356	Workflow editor UI >> Add task form >> the Run level field should be pre-filled or it should contain a text with an example
BSI-11357	Workflow Editor -> when adding a new stage the editor is not scrollable
BSI-11368	Secrets UI >> Edit link has no functionality, nothing happens at click
BSI-11389	Re-enable OOB access in the backend
BSI-11399	Workflow Editor >> New Stage form >> filter the values displayed in Stage type drop-down
BSI-11404	Run workflow -> missing information about auto-generated stage definition in the Run workflow form
BSI-11425	Split create new SSH exec stage definition into multiple fields
BSI-11440	Create Stage Definition form >> Copy >> add better front-end validations for URL fields to prevent the too technical API schema validations reach the customer
BSI-11492	Server type utilization report UI crashes at page load if there are no registered datacenters
BSI-11675	Update CentOS local install template to 8.2.2004
BSI-11676	Update Ubuntu local install template to 20.04 LTS
BSI-11679	Upgrade CentOS iSCSI template to 8.2.2004
BSI-11680	Upgrade/Add Ubuntu iSCSI template for 20.04 LTS
BSI-11721	Datapoints should be responsible for the (K-granularity, K] interval
BSI-11727	Remove any timestamp logic from the RetentionLayer, so that DatabaseLeafNode becomes the single point of truth
BSI-11762	Implement branding support
BSI-11798	Improvements to server's overview page
BSI-11838	Add tags edit support in admin pages
BSI-11842	Independent instance create form >> fix the form after the latest API changes >> "Too many parameters for method independent_instance_create."
BSI-11965	Manage server UI >> refresh the server status after any action that changes the server's state: e.g server reregister
BSI-11967	Implement initial credentials secret for instances
BSI-12072	Improve insertNulls operation in order to preserve data as much as possible
BSI-12076	Create the LAG support for Cumulus
BSI-12077	Server Details page >> add Copy button/ link to ease copying the IPMI username from "Management (iDRAC/IPMI) section"
BSI-12114	General filtering issue >> the keyword entered in the "column:value" textbox is taken in consideration only at the 1st search
BSI-12126	Remove the dashboard, improve datacenters page
BSI-12136	Deploying the vCenter Server Appliance on ESXi host
BSI-12138	Create Admin GUI for VmWare
BSI-12140	 Add support for GPU in the server type create form
BSI-12143	Add GPU support in server description line
BSI-12152	Move add new datacenter agent button to datacenter configuration tab
BSI-12161	Network Interfaces -> typo in 'NOT IN USED' status
BSI-12162	Network Interfaces -> the interfaces should be displayed in ascending order stating with '#1'
BSI-12166	Network Interfaces -> when clicking the IP addresses the user should be sent to other pages than Subnet pool pages
BSI-12174	add support for datacenter update in metalcloud cli
BSI-12188	Replace discs with Storage in server types
BSI-12193	BSIAdmin: hide servers that don't have local drives when you try to deploy an instance_array with local drives
BSI-12194	BSIAdmin: change the Subnets tab
BSI-12195	Using the CLI  and Using Terraform links should be opened in a new tab
BSI-12196	Add Refresh firmware information button
BSI-12199	Kubernetes - automatically update metallb configuration when new Subnet is created
BSI-12203	Create an API that allows developers to add DNS A records 
BSI-12207	Add buton for server BMC monitoring credentials reset
BSI-12215	server_registering_collect_monitoring_metadata failed in dell env
BSI-12228	Add create user form in the UI
BSI-12231	Add update IPMI credentials form
BSI-12234	Improvements to topology view
BSI-12235	Add support for apply/delete function in metalcloud cli
BSI-12237	Update both maps to light and dark themes respectively
BSI-12239	Add support for setting the IPMI username, password and hostname after registration
BSI-12244	Manage switch page >> display the datacenter in the Overview tab
BSI-12246	Datacenter form  >> add a help text for "Network is Flat L2 only" check-box
BSI-12247	BSIAdmin: change the VMware Cluster tab
BSI-12258	The Browser SSH client authentication fails with  ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE
BSI-12271	metalcloud-cli add support for configuring operating_system object
BSI-12274	Server Overview page >> fetching data for the charts should not block displaying the rest of the content
BSI-12276	OS Asset create form >> unexpected error Failed to execute 'btoa' on 'Window'
BSI-12277	OS Asset create form >> unable to create an asset by uploading a binary due to " Error: [Error] Unhandled type detected in FileToBase64Text: string"
BSI-12278	OS template >> removing an OS Asset fails with "Parameter nOSAssetID cannot be NULL."
BSI-12283	Server Overview page >> double clicking the IPMI username value also selects the Label
BSI-12286	Add support for snmp variables
BSI-12287	Add bigstep ssh keys variables for OS templates
BSI-12288	Add support for autogenerated passwords for OSTemplates
BSI-12289	Server types page >> wrong value displayed in the "Boot type" field.
BSI-12291	OS Template page >> when the accessing Boot process tab, the OS bootloader asset and  Installer bootloader asset dropd-downs should be populated  with the current assets
BSI-12292	Add support for --use-autogenerated-initial-password in metalcloud-cli
BSI-12295	Server type create form >> add info text below the "GPU vendors" and "GPU models" fields containing the allowed input format or a valid example
BSI-12296	Server types page >> display the Create new server type button
BSI-12297	Server type create form >> the GPU fields are not saved
BSI-12299	Server Overview page >> the Configuration text should contain the local disks specs if exist
BSI-12300	Server Overview page >> The new layout looks different on a browser not opened in full-screen
BSI-12301	Server Overview page >> display a confirmation message when updating successfully the IPMI credentials 
BSI-12302	Server Overview page >> the tag's X button is not visible when the dark mode is enabled
BSI-12303	General UI issue >> duplicate X icons for error messages
BSI-12307	Metalcloud-cli: os-template add support for auto-associate
BSI-12308	metalcloud-cli add support for asset --delete-if-exists
BSI-12310	metalcloud-cli make human readable format to output 
BSI-12311	Add label to os-template section
BSI-12313	Rename Boot Process to Bootloader
BSI-12314	Remove view your OS assets link
BSI-12315	Eliminate the need to specify variable names
BSI-12316	Change  background server status button on server page depending on status
BSI-12317	Server type create form >> set the increase/decrease unit to 1 for the RAM slider
BSI-12319	Server Details page>> remove the Server Status drop-down from the Advance tab
BSI-12324	Add support for configuring the volume_template_operating_system when creating a os-template
BSI-12325	Re-enable tenant IPMI access
BSI-12326	Add button for making an os-template public, private, deprecated and experimental
BSI-12327	The Server Overview page should display the datacenter name
BSI-12328	Metalcloud-cli add server power control
BSI-12329	Server Power button >> after performing a power operation the last used button becomes disabled 
BSI-12330	Create user form >> refresh the Users list to display the last user created
BSI-12331	Create user form >> fix the modal title CREATE_USER_MODAL_TITLE
BSI-12332	BMC name hardcoded
BSI-12333	Servers fail to PXE boot into BDK for cleaning after local install
BSI-12334	Create user form >> unable to re-submit the form after this error occurs: "The currently authenticated user may set only these access levels"
BSI-12335	Create user form >> clear the error message(if exist) when the form is opened
BSI-12336	Create user form >> remove the colon(:) punctuation mark for all the field labels
BSI-12337	User create form >> "Access level" label should be spelled as "Initial access level" as mentioned in the mockup
BSI-12342	Update the Datacenter create and Datacenter config update forms to show the new API property enableTenantAccessToIPMI
BSI-12343	server_type_create does not add any gpu information
BSI-12344	Open the Stage Definition Details page after creating a SSHExec
BSI-12345	SSHExec create form >> highlight the Label field as required
BSI-12346	Investigate Js error logged after creating a WorkflowReference stage definition: Cannot read property 'fetchData' of undefined
BSI-12348	Add support for specifying volume_template_os_bootstrap_function_name in metalcloud-cli
BSI-12350	OS-template generated initial password fails complexity checks for ESXI
BSI-12352	SSHExec create form >> missing Compress drop-down mentioned in the main task
BSI-12353	Detailed Utilization Report page crashes when any of the rendered server types was deleted: Undefined offset 6
BSI-12355	SSHExec create form >> add UI string length validation for these fields: Hashed key,Private key, Passphrase, Hash algorithm
BSI-12356	metalcloud-cli Move table rendering to a separate project
BSI-12357	Add support for folding tables with long lines
BSI-12358	Add controller version number in jenkins generated builds
BSI-12360	Add timestamp to DHCP server logs
BSI-12361	metalcloud-cli: Add support to make a template and os-template public/private
BSI-12362	Add Delete unused server_types button
BSI-12363	Re-enable OOB access in the infrastructure editor
BSI-12365	Copy stage definition create form >> Fix the Js regex that validates the  URL field, to allow IPv4 addresses as host
BSI-12367	Improve dark mode color scheme
BSI-12368	Add a new section (Server Details) in the Server Advanced tab
BSI-12369	Validate fields based on the object schema
BSI-12370	Rename fields in the datacenter configuration page
BSI-12378	Add proxy support
BSI-12382	Add support for asset edit in metalcloud-cli
BSI-12383	Add support for specifying a subnet pool when creating an instance array
BSI-12384	Section selection line not present on some pages
BSI-12385	Pre-populate IPMI credentials form with IPMI host and username
BSI-12386	grantCustomerAccessToServerIPMI fails with "Undefined variable: objServer" when provisioning an iSCSI instance on a datacenter with enableTenantAccessToIPMI set as True
BSI-12389	Refactor the Server type create form after moving it to the Server types page 
BSI-12390	Infrastructure delete button needs deploy
BSI-12398	Reallocate cancellation operation fails with: "Could not find user row for `user_id`=2166"
BSI-12406	Supermicro boot override PXE tries only one interface
BSI-12409	Add pre-cleanup MBR clear step
BSI-12410	Unexpected crash when trying to create a server type with GPU count:0
BSI-12411	Server type create form closes unexpectedly when trying to edit the GPU count slider: Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.
BSI-12412	Error at instance_storage_availability_check when deploying a second VMware cluster
BSI-12415	Remove SKU from server names
BSI-12417	Add proxy properties in the Datacenter create form and the Datacenter Config page
BSI-12418	metalcloud-cli Add support for proxy params in the datacenter create and update commands
BSI-12427	In the Datacenter Configuration tab, the "Show advanced configuration options" text is displayed only at mouse hover
BSI-12432	Improve the user menu
BSI-12434	metalcloud-cli - os-asset associate fails with : The variables must be passed in a json encoded key value object.
BSI-12440	Unable to create a server type when submitting the form with the default Disk type(HDD):  Server has local disks. Prop server_disk_type can't be none
BSI-12442	Add ISCSI related information as built-in variables
BSI-12445	Create a dark mode version for the OS Asset Content Editor
BSI-12446	Stage definition create form >> unable to create a Copy stage definition with "SCP location" source 
BSI-12455	As an admin user when I resize my browser the buttons move on the screen in the User Advanced tab
BSI-12457	Centos 8 ansible issue
BSI-12458	The Version drop-down should be populated for a VMWare cluster 
BSI-12459	Fix broken image in the Deploy Blockers form for the VMWare cluster
BSI-12464	Searching into the _datacenter_resources table using the public search API results in this error: Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists
BSI-12467	metalcloud-cli asset create help fails with segfault
BSI-12468	Create template creation script for ESXI
BSI-12469	Integration crash in BDK 
BSI-12471	Implement template creation script for Windows
BSI-12473	The Server Details page goes blank  for servers with server_vendor_info_json:null >> Cannot read property 'management' of null
BSI-12490	Unable to query the: _os_assets: table using the search() API function due to this error: " Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: { os_asset_variable_names_required_json"
BSI-12495	Unexpected error when querying  the _agents table via search() API: Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists:
BSI-12496	Unexpected error when querying  the _chassis_racks table via search() API: Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists:
BSI-12497	Unable to query the: _switch_interfaces: table using the search() API function due to this error: " Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: {"
BSI-12498	Unable to query the: _user_suspend_reasons: table using the search() API function due to this error: " Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: {"
BSI-12499	Unable to query the: _license_installments: table using the search() API function due to this error: " Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: {"
BSI-12500	Unable to query the: _instances_server_interfaces: table using the search() API function due to this error: " Some properties are neither Public nor Private in function search. Please add it to one of the two lists: {"
BSI-12501	Old client without a contract that signed the new Default Agreement doesn't see the Default agreement as contract in the Service page
BSI-12508	Add an advanced tab to the infrastructure editor
BSI-12536	Add support for allocating extra IPs for internal provisioning
BSI-12538	Add error code for "Cannot force ipv4 IPs from a subnet pool that is not force-only enabled" exception
BSI-12541	The WAN IPv4 subnet pool drop-down is wrongly populated with Automatic when network_equipment_force_subnet_pool_ipv4_wan_id is not Null
BSI-12559	Enable kubernetes cluster for everybody
BSI-12567	Server type create form crashes with "API_Exception: [Internal error: ErrorException] Undefined index: server_disk_type" when is submitted with Disk count:0
BSI-12568	Add a proper label to the button that adds a tag on a product

R4.6 - 26 October 2020

This is a minor release that was focused on adding new switch drivers and to improve the admin UI. Here are the highlights:

  1. New Cumulus Switch support

    We added a new driver for Cumulus switches and included the new driver in the VLAN backend. The system is functional in a new deployment and we will continue to improve the support for Cumulus.

  2. User Section

    We added a new Users section in the new admin UI to provide detailed information about users and access levels.

  3. Monitoring tab

    A new monitoring tab with information about server monitoring data is displayed. The new monitoring page pulls data from the monitoring agent and displays aggregated graphs for multiple metrics. We now have graphs for disk space, traffic per interface, memory temperature, power supply temperature, system temperature.

  4. Independent instance support

    The support for independent instance was improved to minimise deploy time and the ability to use a secondary drive was added.

  5. Template whitelist support

    We added a whitelist support feature to enable matching templates to server types configuration. This would enable fine control over what template is supported on what server type.

  6. Switch provision improvements

    We improved the VPLS switch provision to provide better deploy time.

  7. Navigation system improvements

    The navigation system for the new admin UI was changed to update the sidebar. This eliminated subpages and organized the content. Also there are new tabs in Server list page that allows for easy access to Server related concepts. Similar tab based reorganization was implemented in the Templates page and Variables and Secrets section.

  8. Enhanced Supermicro Redfish support

    We enhanced the existing Supermicro Redfish support with RAID support and firmware update.

R4.5 - 12 August 2020

This is a minor release that was focused on bug fixes and to add basic variable support. Here are the highlights:

  1. UI Improvements

    We fixed a range of bugs in the Servers page, Storages page, Storage Templates page, Variables pages, Workflow page and a few more other bugs in the Multi-server enclosures pages.

  2. Metalcoud CLI

    We added variables to OS assets and missing shared drive functions. Support for subnets and switches is now possible from the CLI. Also the CLI now has updated yaml format configuration for all commands.

  3. Monitoring agent updates

    The new improved monitoring agent will be released, with enhancements for data measurements and SNMP pooling. The new implementation allows better monitoring capabilities and more exact SFLOW measurements.

  4. Switch provisioning

    We continued the work on the switch provisioning from the previous release.We improved the switch provisioning layer to always use the caching layer, that would provide improved speed in switch provisioning operations. We also removed reconnects for HP switches which improves deploy time.

  5. OS Template API improvement

    The OS template API has now the ability to use variables for templates.

R4.4 - 9 July 2020

This is a minor release that was focused on improving deploy speed and fix bugs. Here are the highlights:

  1. Improve deploy speed for Windows

    This new deploy method improves boot times for Windows images and provides the fixes needed to boot the image fast.If the server is already powered up then we also added some time optimizations.

  2. DC agent stability fixes and performance optimizations for very high latency networks

    We have introduced performance optimizations in very high latency environments and in environments that have 1000+ VLANs. The system is able to perform well under these special conditions and agents are able to fully manage this kind of environments. We also fixed some stability issues for DC agents triggered by the high latency environments.

  3. Workflow UI improvements and improved usage reports

    We improved the Workflow UI interface with correct sort options, adding a Run now button and by adding confirmations for delete and fixing new stage form. We improved the usage reports with fixes for Windows usage.

  4. Monitoring agent improvements

    The monitoring agent has a new time series database implementation that will add the ability to display additional details in the monitoring tab and will improve monitoring in general. The monitoring agent implementation was improved and the agent will be able to also add metadata to data.

  5. Subnet pools, storage pools and search API

    We added UI and API fixes to subnet pools and enhanced the storage pools create APIs. We also improved the search API functionality for all search APIs in all forms.

R4.1 - 21 April 2020

This is a minor release that was focused on improving usability. Here are the highlights:

  1. New instance array create form

    This new form is not just easier to understand for new users but also supports local install better. Moving forward the templates will be depending on the server type selected meaning some templates, especially Windows templates which are hardware dependent will only be available to some server types and this form supports this approach. This will avoid some corner cases where specific hardware are incompatible with certain templates and the user was allowed to proceed with the deploy.

  2. New GPU Instances

    We are introducing new GPU instances: the M.4.16.1G and the M.8.32.1G. These feature a NVidia Tesla T4 16GB GPU. They are currently available only to beta customers but if you are interested get in touch with us. We are also able to source NVIDIA GRIDD Drivers which enable many scenarios such as VDI or power workstation.

  3. Boot customization support

    We are now introducing a new mechanism that allows users to automate boot processes which can be used to perform custom OS installs such as perform unattended Gentoo deployment on local drives. This is currently possible only via the CLI. See Creating a local install os template for more details.

  4. CLI updated

    The CLI, now at 1.5.5 is now fully features and can perform all actions possible via the UI and more.

  5. Windows 2019 template available

    This new Windows template is currently only available for M.8.8, M.8.16, M.8.32 (v1), M.4.16.1G, M.8.32.1G server types and only for diskless setups.

R4.0 - 12 March 2020

This is a major release that was focused on improving reliability. Here are the highlights:

  1. Support for local install

    We now have very extensive support for local install. Users are now able to select the “install on local disks” option which has a separate set of templates.

  2. Support for pre and post deploy workflows

    Users can now attach Anisble tasks to infrastructures which are executed when the infrastructures are updated (deployed). This allows users to perform tasks such as updating load-balancing configurations upon instance array expand, or install pre-requisite software on nodes when the nodes are deployed.

  3. Many bug fixes and improvements

    This release was focused on improving reliability and ease of use and many bugs specially around networking provisioning has been addressed.