Managing Firmware baselines#

Firmware baselines have one or more Firmware Catalogs and are attached to various elements.

  1. Server types - Will be applied every time a server with the specific server type is registered

  2. OS templates - Will be applied every time a server is deployed with the specific OS template if not already deployed.

  3. Data centers - Will be applied every time a server in a specific data center is deployed.

Creating a firmware baseline#

To create a firmware baseline navigate to Firmware> Baselines > Add firmware Baseline

Fill in the following form:




Name of the baseline


The Description of the baseline


The catalogs to be attached to this baseline


Where to attach the baseline to (one of: Data center, Server type, OS template)

Datacenter/Server type/OS Template

Object to attach the baseline to

Editing a baseline#

Click on Edit to edit a baseline.

Removing a baseline#

To disable a baseline go to the respective object and either on the Overview or Advanced tab change the Baseline property and set to None.