User interfaces

The service is designed to offer users a way to self-serve themselves with resources instead of relying on somebody to deliver them. At the same time the Admins need to be able to own the lifecycle of equipments, perform maintenance etc. To enable this the MetalSoft software separates the two user types by providing separate UIs which operate with separate “logical” and “physical” concepts.

  • Users The consumers of the “resources”, which own the applications and data.

  • Admins The IT administrator staff that owns the equipment’s lifecycle.

Administrative interface

The admin interface is used by admins to manage the pool of resources under management such as servers, switches, subnet pools and storages.

End-User interface

The Infrastructure editor is a self-service portal allowing users to ‘draw’ their desired infrastructures. It allows for complex networking topologies to be created as well as cluster level manipulation of hundreds of servers.