Integrating with a customer portal#

There are two major types of integrations with external customer portals:

  1. Direct: End-client uses MetalSoft’s user portal to deploy infrastructure

  2. Indirect: End-client uses customer portal to deploy infrastructure

Direct integration with an upstream customer portal#

In this setup the MetalSoft end user portal (the drag and drop interface) is exposed to the user.

This setup is relatively easy to deploy and provides a good user experience to end-users for bare metal as a service offerings. It is however not suitable if other high level services such as VM-as-a-Service is offered.

There are multiple supported mechanisms for authenticating users in MetalSoft portal. More than one can be active at any give time:

  1. Using SAML (recommended)

  2. Using LDAP

  3. Using built-in authentication

The choice will depend on the capabilities of the portal. For more information visit Authentication Overview.

LDAP-compatible ID service#

If the existing user portal uses a LDAP-based login (FreeIPA, Active Directory) then MetalSoft should be configured to use LDAP protocol from the Global Configuration>Authentication tab.

For an example configuration consult: Configuring LDAP for Microsoft Active Directory

Built-in authentication#

MetalSoft’s built-in user management system is relatively robust. A portal could either:

  1. Create the users and set passwords using the API

  2. Let users sign-up on MetalSoft’s sign-up page.

Managing users via the API#

The portal could create users and delete users in MetalSoft via the API:

Note that the users have to have the billable flag set to allow them to deploy infrastructures. user_billable_set can be used to configure this flag.

Enabling user sign-up#

A partner portal could redirect users to the MetalSoft Signup page. To enable the Built-in sign-up process: Global Configuration > Authentication > Signup page enabled. Once enabled the signup button and the signup process will be enabled and available at https:/<env_hostname>/en/signup.

Note that users can also enable or disable authenticator on their account on their own.

Indirect integration with an upstream customer portal#

In many situations the upstream portal will use API calls to managed infrastructures:

Embedding the MetalSoft Remote Console into a customer portal#

The HTML console is a very useful tool for end-users to be able to interact with the server via the out-of-band network in an emergency or even as primary means of managing a server.

This console can be integrated into a 3rd party customer portal for a seamless experience.

Consult Embedding the Remote Console for more details.