Managing Resource Pools

Available since 6.3

Resource pools allow administrators to restrict the resources available to users to certain groups. Currently only servers and IPs can be allocated to specific users.

Users can be allocated zero or more subnet pools and will be allowed to deploy servers from all the resource pools to which it has been assigned.

Creating a subnet pool

To create a new (empty) resource pool go to Resource Pool > Add Resource Pool.

Allocating servers to a resource pool

There are two ways to allocate servers to resource pools:

  1. At registration time via the server zero touch credentials. If no matching record is found the server will be added to the “default” pool.

  2. At any time through the Servers > server > Overview tab > Allocation > Resource pool field.

Allocating subnet pools to a resource pool

To Add a subnet pool to a resource pool edit Subnets > WAN Subnet pools >Overview tab > Resource pool field