Server types

Server types are an important concept in MetalSoft. They are server ‘profiles’ or SKUs that users will operate on. A user will ‘ask’ for a specific ‘server_type’ and the system will match the exact server type if available or suggest an alternative.

Server types are also used to verify a registration of a server. The server_type-to-server match is done at register time.

Server classes are used to filter the server types available to certain users.

Creating a new server type

Server types are best created from a registered server. Click on a server and select the Create server type button:


Most field should be pre-filled in except the server name. Currently the system does not support mixed local disk types or sizes.

Click create server type

Allocating a server type to a server

This is typically not required as it’s configured automatically at register time. However it can be overwritten by using the Change server type button on the respective server.