Adding a new datacenter#

Datacenters are the root object for almost all elements that MetalSoft operates with:

  • Servers

  • Switches

  • Storages

  • Subnets

Creating a datacenter record using the UI#

To create a datacenter using the UI go to Datacenters > Create new datacenter button:

Creating a datacenter record using the CLI#

To create a datacenter using the CLI create a configuration file. It can be in yaml or json formats:

#DC Agents primary IP
#DC Agents secondary IP list (comma separated)
#DC Agents IPs subnet, in CIDR format (x.x.x.x/x)

#This is the ip from which the controller will
#see the incoming connections from this datacenter's DC agents

#HTTP(S) root URL for the general purpose HTTP repository 
#(package manager resources, deploy setup files, etc.). It does not end in a slash.
#Make sure the DNSServers property below includes a server that will be authoritative for the domainname listed here otherwise the agent will not resolve the DNS record.
repoURLRoot: http://<repo>

#Repo URL root for the quarantine network (installation network) where DNS is not available yet. 
#Must not contain a DNS entry. it is usually the ip to which the above resolves 
#to that is reachable from the quarantine network
repoURLRootQuarantineNetwork: http://<repo>

#this is the TFTP DC Agent's ip. This is usually the same as BSIVRRPListenIPv4

#the IP range of the storage arrays in your network


    #make sure this resolves the url at repoURLRoot

#This setting controls the tenant isolation mechanism

    #must be one of LANProvisioner, VPLSProvisioner, VLANProvisioner
    type: VPLSProvisioner    
    #The ACL number for SAN ports
    ACLSAN: 3999
    #The ACL number for WAN ports
    ACLWAN: 3399
    #The ACL range for ACL rules on the SAN ports. Per switch
    SANACLRange: 3700-3998
    #the VLAN Range for LAN networks, per ToR switch. Make sure these don't overlap.
    ToRLANVLANRange: 400-699
    #the VLAN Range for SAN networks, per ToR switch. Kake sure these don't overlap.
    ToRSANVLANRange: 700-999
    #the VLAN Range for WAN networks, per ToR switch. Make sure these don't overlap.
    ToRWANVLANRange: 100-300
    #The VLAN to use for quarantine network
    quarantineVLANID: 5
    #VLAN Range for WAN ports 'North' switches.
    NorthWANVLANRange: 1001-2000
#    type: VLANProvisioner
#    #The VLAN to use for quarantine network
#    quarantineVLANID: 5
#    #VLAN range for WAN networks
#    WANVLANRange: 100-199
#    #VLAN range for LAN networks
#    LANVLANRange: 200-299
metalcloud-cli datacenter create --config examples/datacenter.yaml --format yaml --id alex-test-1 --title "Alex Test 1" --return-id

Updating a datacenter configuration using the CLI#

Retrieve the current configuration and save it to a file current-config.yml

metalcloud-cli datacenter get -id us02-chi-qts01-dc --format yaml > current-config.yml

Modify the configuration then re-apply it:

metalcloud-cli datacenter update -id us02-chi-qts01-dc --format yaml --config current-config.yml